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Hantian Labs Ltd. Launches Trailblazing Anti-Aging and Vitality product for Men, GHBurn

London, UK, July 2014: Hantian Labs Ltd., a United Kingdom based company recently announced the launch of GHBurn, a new and avant-garde anti-aging and vitality nutriceutical product. Developed exclusively for the male market and grounded in the principle that men should mature naturally without harsh chemicals; GHBurn is a proprietary blend of seven ingredients. It is uniquely designed to enhance the male body ́s hormonal system, which begins to deteriorate after the age of thirty.

Surpassing its competitors in synergistic technology, GHBurn is not formulated solely on specific rationale like anti-aging, weight loss or Human Growth Hormone (HGH) production. Rather, it encompasses all three vitally important components, providing a distinct advantage and Easily fulfilling a global necessity in the market.

Through clinical research, GHBurn has been demonstrated to world! increase the production of Human Growth Hormone, energy levels, mental alertness, metabolism, and lean muscle cheap jerseys mass while decreasing appetite and unhealthy cravings as well as to improve TWO cholesterol, blood pressure, and sleep rhythms, enhance libido and stamina, and even strengthen the immune system and brittle bones.

Specifically formulated for the male system and its complex hormonal structure, GHBurn is advantageous to men ages 25 plus as it offers both preventative and restorative aids. Used daily, the proprietary blend of ingredients regulates male hormones, which in effect reverses the aging process.

“Men are evolving and so should our options in terms of anti-aging,” says Christian Diesveld, Hantian Labs Managing Director. “We will invest in our appearance and want to live long healthy lives. We are staying younger longer, starting families later and playing sports well into our retirement years and thus our bodies need to follow suit,” continues Diesveld. “With GHBurn, we have a product that offers several revitalising benefits, but is scientifically formulated to fit into three capsules taken once a day, making it easy for men to incorporate into a daily routine.”

Although research is available about proper supplementation, the timing, amount required and combination can be complicated and confusing. GHBurn takes away all the guessing and provides men with a very simple solution.

Furthermore, the combination cheap mlb jerseys of ingredients in GHBurn has been clinically proven to enhance essential processes in the body wholesale jerseys that support brain and organ health. It is formulated in a manner

that accelerates these effects during sleep. The highest concentration of fat burning, appetite curbing, cheap jerseys and muscle building hormones occurs at night and the amino acids and minerals that were selected to be included in GHBurn effectively boost the secretions of these vital hormones.

GHBurn is currently available for purchase online at and through Amazon UK and Europe. Stay tuned for news regarding major stationary retailors across the UK, Western „Herz Europe and North America.

Hantian Good Labs Ltd will be launching its second product, Revitascince, in the first quarter of 2015.

Editors Notes:

Hantian Labs LTD, headquartered in Liverpool, United Kingdom, is forecasted to become one of the fastest growing global nutriceutical companies in the industry. With an unlimited potential for discovery, the company has launched a new era for nutriceuticals and the anti-aging industry. Continually researching and developing new and revolutionary products to enhance and extend the lives of its clients, Hantian Labs has already broken new ground with its current product line and has another three in late-phase development.

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